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UndocuQueer Conference

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Continental Breakfast/Check In: 9:00am-9:30am

Welcome: 9:30am-10:00am

Unity Suite

Session 1: 10:00-11:10am

UndocuAlly Training for Students - 206 Chicano Room

Hugo Garcia Villa and Yarin Garcia
The Undocumented Student Peer Ally Training provides campus communities with skills to understand the value and importance of exploring the experiences and perspectives of undocumented students; they aim to generate knowledge for self-learning; and they increase on-campus support for and the inclusion of undocumented students.
Undergraduate Students; Graduate Students

LGBTQ+ Ally Training - 208 Native Room

Amira Caluya and Matthew Jeffries
The LGBTQ+ Ally Training provides an overview of how students, staff, and faculty can be allies to those in the LGBTQ+ community. We will cover terminology, how to recover from mistakes, and issues facing queer immigrant communities.
Undergraduate Students; Graduate Students; Higher Education Administrators; Faculty 

Integrating and Interrogating Intersectionality into Your Practice - 207 Pacific Islander Room

Social Justice Peer Educators
This workshop provides participants with an opportunity to explore both intersections in their own identities and intersectionality in a broader systemic context as a first step to developing a more inclusive perspective in their professional and social lives.
Undergraduate Students; Graduate Students; Higher Education Administrators; Faculty 

Session 2: 11:15am-12:25pm

Rapid Response - 308 Asian Room

Linda Vargas
In this presentation, the presenter will discuss how student leaders talk to the community to foster an understanding of support for undocumented students, followed by how communities can respond when ICE is near.
Undergraduate Students; Graduate Students; Higher Education Administrators; Faculty 

Transgender Faculty at Institutions of Higher Education - 306 Black Room

Bucky McKenzie
Even though there has been more transgender visibility on college campuses, knowledge about the workplace experiences of transgender faculty remains limited (Pitcher, 2017). This research aims to make others aware of the work experiences some transgender faculty encounter, the microaggressions they may face, and the ways in which such transgender faculty at institutions of higher education have overcome such adversity to be successful in their position.
Higher Education Administrators; Faculty 

Thrive Not Just Survive - 208 Native Room

Marcela Pattinson and Amy Nusbaum
This presentation showcases the Making DREAMs Come True, a workbook, to help Dreamers thrive in college. The workbook contains psychological strategies and guided practical experience. This workshop will give the participants some examples of the workbook and how to use it in their lives to ensure that they have the capacities to rise above the most severe challenges that come their way.  
Higher Education Administrators; Faculty 

Keynote Speaker and Lunch: 12:30pm-1:30pm

Unity Suite

Session 3: 1:30pm-2:20pm

Know Your Rights & Deportation Defense Planning - 206 Chicano Room

Karen Guzmxn
What is the governments burden of proof? And how does that apply when knowing our rights as immigrant communities? In this workshop we are going to explore recent immigration updates, revisit Know Your Rights (KYR) material with a focus on crimmigration and analyzing how the deportation machine works and is funded. Additionally, we will layout how families can create deportation defense plans that can be stored at home or for when they travel.
Undergraduate Students; Graduate Students

Mental Health for the People - 208 Native Room

Andrea Salazar-Nuñez
Mental Health for the people is a workshop for marginalized individuals who are looking for help navigating the mental health system and seeking mental health care. Topics addressed will include terms used in mental health services, types of services, alternative sources of support, and unpacking the western/colonized perspective of psychology and mental health.
Undergraduate Students; Graduate Students; Higher Education Administrators 

Balancing Free Speech and Values of Equity - 306 Black Room

Matthew Jeffries and Rick Flores
Across the United States, institutions are confronted with balancing free speech and their values of diversity, equity, and inclusion. This interactive session will give a brief overview of the current state of free speech in Washington state then open into small group dialogues.
Undergraduate Students; Graduate Students; Higher Education Administrators; Faculty

 Session 4: 2:25pm-3:15pm 

Re-Birth of Color - 308 Asian Room

Celeste Estrada
Rebirth of Color is a black canvas painting activity that is designed to help students reflect on personal and or societal struggles. The goal is to guide them to transform these struggles into a more hopeful/colorful mindset.
Undergraduate Students; Graduate Students; Higher Education Administrators; Faculty 

The World Cafe - Unity Suite

Claudia Skinner and Marcela Pattinson
The World Cafe is focused on dynamic dialogue about how we can work together to improve the conditions of undocumented/queer/marginalized students, staff, and faculty at our institutions.
Undergraduate Students; Graduate Students; Higher Education Administrators; Faculty

Closing: 3:30pm